Necklaces for a Wedding Party

Custom PieceI was commissioned last month to create six necklaces for a wedding party as a gift from the bride to her “girls”. She wanted all the pendants to have an image of a hydrangea which are the flowers she will be having as their bouquets. The bridal party ages ranged from nine to women in their thirties, so I needed to create very different pieces, but still keep the same theme.

I thought this was a wonderful way of giving a very personal gift for a very personal and special occassion.

Looking Forward to Summer!

With the onset of Summer upon us, I look forward to doing my “Mermaid Series” again. Utilizing shells for hanging charms and beads I am in my glory. Mermaids are a wonderfully delicious theme and there are so many images to choose from! A big hit in the Summertime. Stay tuned for more…

First Blog

I am very excited to write my first blog on my newly designed website! I am currently getting ready to sell my wares at a Tarot Card Convention in April. I have been thoroughly researching Tarot card symbols or very esoteric images for my pendants. I love doing very specific themes, especially the dark and the mysterious. Click this link to get more details on where I will be selling.


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