Monique Hudson

Monique Hudson jewelry designer and faux painter


    My name is Monique Hudson and I paint murals and faux finish for a living, but my passion has become my jewelry making. My husband’s old office has become my studio, my haven. Surrounded by beads and baubles and my printer that I can’t live without, I can spend hours beading and decoupaging. However, I do do stop to do laundry, cook meals for my family or walk my dog Maggie.

Having been a Decorative Artist, Muralist for over twenty years, I suddenly became restless with the “painting” medium. I still love what I do, but the idea of creating something that a woman could wear, a wearable “work of art” became enticing to me. Having fallen in love with a world full of beautiful images, whether it be in my own backyard to an artist I have found on line, I began incorporating these images on to my pendants. Decoupage, a medium I have used before, but never explored became my first step in this creative process. However, what do I use for the actual pendant?

 One day I discovered on line, people actually using dominoes in their jewelry; So, I bought my first Domino set! Since dominoes are usually white, I began to dye and antique them to give a more aged look. I also found a wonderful site that sold images specifically for domino sizes. This began my wonderful journey into Domino Jewelry. People loved the novelty of wearing an actual “game piece” and so it was a big hit! However, after a while I began to think “bigger”. I was feeling constricted with the 1×2″ size, but didn’t know what direction to go. One day I came across a piece of broken ceramic tile that I picked up off a beach in Italy on my honeymoon. Hmmm, maybe I could use this? Flat surface, larger then domino, this could be good, but how do I replicate if I only have one? Gratefully, I found a woman who makes ceramics in all shapes and sizes. I still use the dominoes, especially for pins, but I love working with the larger pieces. The beads, whether vintage or new are used to decorate, embellish the image I’ve chosen. I am always falling in love with something beautiful I see everyday and need to put on one of my pieces. This ultimately keeps the process fresh and exciting; the idea that a woman can choose her own image or be drawn to one I’ve already made makes me happy.



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